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10 Mar FWACATA podcast Episode 5 – Making Comics, Making Zombie Years

This episode, I talk to you about being an indie publisher in Diamond at the moment, and inside look into making comics, The Right way, The wrong way, and <em>the Juan Navarro way</em> while blabbing about <a href=”” target=”_blank”>ZOMBIE YEARS,</a> my own comic series that is hitting ISSUE 10 next week.

Call in with your questions 806-414-JUAN
or hit me up on twitter <a href=”” target=”_blank”>@FWACATA </a>or e-mail at

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13 Jan RAVENOUS – GET BITTEN! How to get your copy of RAVENOUS #1 and maybe even win an EXCLUSIVE VARIANT!

We’re ready for 2015, and here is RAVENOUS issue 1 for you!


Written by John Ulloa Art by Jose Varese

Just print out this handy dandy form and give it your super awesome LOCAL COMIC SHOP (LCS)


You can download the PDF HERE.

Don’t have an LCS? FIND ONE HERE ! 


Ravenous-FLyer-frontNow some of you might say “But Juan, I/We picked this up at ______ -CON and why should I pick it up again?”

EASY! This beauty comes with 8 more pages of prequel goodness leading up to the opening of RAVENOUS from the original issue, plus a band new cover and extras and this is our NATIONALLY DISTRIBUTED version with VARIANT cover by Patrick Reilly. You guys got in the bottom floor, but this is the PENTHOUSE!

Cool thing is we’re running a contest this month till January 29th, show us your order form and tell us where you ordered it and be entered to be in the running for the exclusive Patrick Reilly Variant, singed by the whole creative team!


Patrick Reilly Variant Cover

You can also enter by sharing this blog post with everybody! IT”S THAT EASY!

Also if you just retweet and spread the word, we’re going to be giving away a signed print to one lucky winner! Jsut let us know where you have posted, reposted, or retweeted about our books!


Help us make this inaugural title into comic history a memorable one and show that independents have what it takes! We appreciate all the support and love we’ve received form Family and Friends over there year to get to this point and now it’s time for the BIG PUSH to get this in front of everybody!


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