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04 Jan 2015… GO!



BOOM! 2015 is here and we are thrilled out of our freaking minds over here at Creature HQ! We got so many plates spinning right now I almost don’t know where to begin but what the hell here we go:

Tattoopalooza-FB-BannerOur first convention of the year will be TATTOOLAPALOOZA at the Hyatt Regency in Miami FL! Juan Navarro (FWACATA, Zombie Years, Tommy) and Jose Varese (RAVENOUS, Art of Jose Varese) will be there, signing and doing original commissions.

After, you can catch us at:

Magic-City-FB-BannerOur Second convention will be MAGIC CITY COMIC-CON in full force! Come by to pick up some of the latest prints and comics we have available!

In other news, we’re coming to a comic shop near you! Check us out in the latest issue of PREVIEWS through DIAMOND DISTRIBUTION at your local comic shop:

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We’ll be hitting you guys up with ways to order yours at your local comic shop and ways to get your exclusive variant too!

2015, is CREATURE! 

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